Overview of Tangyin
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Tangyin County, located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, belongs to Anyang City, Henan Province.With a total area of 646 square kilometers, nine towns and one Township,298 administrative villages under its jurisdiction,the county has a population of 500,000 and was designated the "Millennium Ancient County" by the United Nations Group of Geographical Names Experts.It is also a national demonstration base for new industrialization, a demonstration base for agricultural industrialization, and a demonstration county for food safety. It has been assessed by the China Food Industry Association for six China's strong food industry counties, the only "famous County of China's food industry". With its profound cultural background, superior location and transportation, strong industrial development, beautiful ecological environment, and optimized service environment, Tangyin has emerged as a new force in the development of the Central Plains. In 2017, the total annual GDP reached 20.86 billion yuan, increased by 8.5%; the fixed assets investment reached 15.21 billion yuan,with an increase of 10.5%;the general public budget income reached 1.2 billion yuan, with an increase of 11.5%; the per capita disposable income of residents reached 18.5 million yuan,  increased by 95%.

With profound history deposits .Originated from China's Spring and Autumn period, Tangyin county was founded in Han and Tang period and located in the south of Tang river which is a place of graceful landscape.With Zhou Gong performance "ZhouYi", Wu Mu devote to the army, truly great men emerged in the history and has great affection even past thousands of years.Tangyin County has a long history, extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. It has a history of 5000 years of civilization, over 3400 years of written history and 2222 years of county construction. It is a well-known "three sacred cultural homeland", "Wensheng" Zhou Jichang was restrained and performance "ZhouYi", which is the beginning of Chinese wisdom and culture. The birth of "Wusheng" Yuefei,also called Yue WuMu,is a national hero who inspired generations of Chinese to devote themselves to the country. The "medical sage" Bian Que from yue country in Qing dynasty practise medicine in order to help the people, who planted Asiatic Wormwood around the tomb temple, wrote a strong colour of mysterious culture in the traditional Chinese medicine. Tangyin is also an important birthplace of Chinese traditional "sound, dance, poetry, painting": Du and Kong Jia,emperors of Xia dynasty ,both set their home in Xihe Village.The "Song of the Axe" ,wrote by Kongjia,marks a pioneering piece of Oriental music. The large dance curtain derived from the sacrifice of a girl from Wei by emperor Qi Huan Gong was selected as the intangible cultural heritage of the country. Hold hands and grow old from the Book of Songs makes Tangyin  love saints for a thousand of  years . Tang Yinyin was also named "the hometown of Chinese folk art" by its famous paper-cut art. In addition, there emerges many famous Literary Quotations such as Ji Shizhong,the son of Ji Kang ,who escorts emperor, Confucius'disciples and their further disciples Bu Zixia and Duan Ganmu set up a school to teach students, Prince Xinlingjunr steals the Commander's Seal to save Zhao and so on. The splendid and rich cultural resources have created Tangyin's profound historical and cultural heritage. In the new era, by carrying forward the spirit of "loyalty, practical work, responsibility and dedication", Tang Yin sings the theme of "Five ethos" construction, which includes strict Party mood, government mood, honest folk mood, positive village mood and beautiful family mood, as well as build the highland of inheritance and innovation, moral style and humanistic integrity of excellent traditional culture. Tang Yin is moving forward to dig deep historical and cultural heritage, inherit and innovate the highland of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

The unique Location advantage. Tangyin County is located in the intersection of Handan ,Hebei province, Zhengzhou, Henan province, Changzhi ,Shanxi province and Heze , Shandong Province. It is also the intersection center of Anyang, Hebi and Puyang of Henan Province. Since ancient times, it has been the main road between North and south. With a radius of 150 kilometers, it can radiate 60 million people in 11 prefecture-level cities of 4 provinces, and with a radius of 500 kilometers, it can radiate 380 million people in 27 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government, such as Beijing and Tianjin. The 107 National Highway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Jin-Henan-Lu Railway, 302 Provincial Highway and other transportation networks run north-south and across east-west. Railway ports, Anyang Airport, Anluo High-speed, Inter-city Railway, Yunnan Rail Demonstration Line start or about to start construction. The advantages of "four ports combined transport" by air and sea are becoming increasingly prominent. Located in the national superior agricultural product planning area, it has 500,000 mu of high-quality corn production base, 60 million poultry and 105,000 pig breeding production and processing base; among the 200 major grain producing counties in the country, there are 6 in the 150*km radius, 13 in the 300 km radius, 48 in the 500 km radius, and the annual processing capacity of agricultural products reaches 2.4 million tons. "South-to-North Water Transfer", "West-to-East Gas Transfer", "Shanxi Coal Eastern Transport" and other major national energy projects run through the whole territory. Hebei-Shandong-Henan Oil Products Reserve is built in Tangyin. Huaneng Thermal Power Project is also accelerating construction in Tangyin, which provides strong energy support for Tangyin's future economic development.

Industrial development momentum is strong. Highlighting the "three paths" of training, cultivation and promotion, adhering to the strategy of opening up investment, project-driven and innovation-driven, and firmly promoting the "five measures" of cultivating pioneers, extending chains, grasping innovation, promoting circulation and building brand, we will strive to build industrial production bases for staple foods, production bases for large-scale health products and comprehensive hub bases for regional transportation and logistics. A "one district, three gardens" (food and medicine industry park, new manufacturing industry park and new material industry park) with provincial industrial agglomeration area as the main carrier has been built. Among them, 173 food industry enterprises in the county have reached an average annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan. Yihai Jiali, Jinmailang, Jiashili, Boda and other 25 world top 500 and industry leading enterprises have settled down successively. They have driven more than 130 enterprises such as Kunhua Biology and Nolly to settle in. They have 26 well-known Chinese trademarks such as Yongda and Zhongpin and 598 series of famous brand products. They have fostered nine circular economy industrial clusters such as wheat, corn and broiler chicken. Yongda Group has developed 93 kinds of special Aerospace food for "Shen-8", "Shen-9", "Shen-10" and "Shen-11". Sichuan Cologne is the largest transfusion professional manufacturer in China. Nori is the first enterprise in China to possess the technology of biological extraction of soybean peptide. In addition, in the process of advancing transformation and development, Tangyin County put forward the strategic concept of vigorously developing cultural economy, promoting the development direction of "culture + eco-agriculture + pastoral complex", "culture + Industrial Exhibition + business travel", "culture + tourism + promotion" and other "culture +" Series in the fields of First, Second and Third Production, to support our county's Enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

The ecological environment continues to improve. Implementing the county-wide ecological water system planning, the Tangyin "two reservoirs, four rivers, three rivers, five gardens" for water system management. Among them, Tanghe runs through the East and west of the county border, along the two banks of the river, shaded by green trees and densely populated with human landscape. Tanghe National Wetland Park covers 710.2 hectares, of which 568.7 hectares are wetlands. There are 829 species of vascular plants, wild vertebrates, birds and 50 species of animals and plants under state protection. Among them, birds mainly include swans, golden eagles, herons, egrets, green-headed ducks, grey cranes and wild geese. They are typical wetlands in the Kutang River in northern China. There are many wetlands in central China. Important areas of species distribution and important habitats in the midline of bird migration. The development of ecological agriculture is in the ascendant. More than 30 agroforestry ecological gardens have been built, such as grape, cherry and yellow pear harvesting gardens, botanical gardens, lotus fish ponds, bamboo forests and cattail ecological wetlands. Green organic agricultural production in Huolonggang and Feifengling is booming. Increase investment in urban green ecological construction, build and open nine new energy electric bus lines and public bicycle systems, adhere to the comprehensive urban clean action, the old city looks brand-new, the construction of Antang New Town is in full swing, and the city grade is constantly improving.

The service environment is constantly optimized. Tangyin is committed to creating a first-class soft service environment and a good political and social environment with a clean atmosphere. We took the lead in setting up enterprise service centers in the whole province. 22 functional departments such as land, housing and construction were centralized in order to achieve "one-stop" for the examination and approval of enterprises involved. Establish an entrepreneur Friendship Service Alliance to act as an agent for medical insurance, social security, children enrollment and other matters, so as to truly realize the "fence" within the business enterprise management, and "fence" outside the event gathering area. Integrate the testing resources of food and drug supervision, quality supervision, agriculture and animal husbandry, and take the lead in setting up provincial quality supervision and food inspection and testing centers in the whole province. To establish scientific and technological innovation bases in cooperation with Central China Agricultural University, Henan University of Technology and Jiangnan University. Relying on the Innovation Building, Hubei University and Anyang Science and Technology Bureau, we will jointly create a state-level scientific and technological enterprise incubator. It was rated as "20 Excellent Environment for County Economic Development in Henan Province".

With the strong leadership and strong support of the Party committees at higher levels and the government, the Tangyin County Committee and the county government will unite and lead the people of the whole county, plan scientifically and steadily, and strive to build a "city of wisdom and culture, ecological happiness", and strive tirelessly to speed up the construction of a self-confident and happy Tangyin.